Portraits and Animal Portraits

Pencil drawing
Pencil drawing

Would you like me to produce a portrait for you?

-Maybe of your children, friends or parents- either for yourself or as a present for someone?

Or would you like a picture of your favourite pet, maybe as a loving memory?


With nearly 20 Years experience as an artist and illustrator, I am sure I can produce just the right portrait for you.




You will find more examples of Portraits and animal portraits in my Gallery.

My Portraits and Animal Portraits are painted and drawn in a very detailed and realistic style.

Either in black/white in pencil, or in colour in gouache , watercolour or acrylic on canvas.


Mostly, I draw from photographs. You can send me photographs, either per mail or with the post.

If it is possible, I would prefer to meet the person or the pet, I am going to make a portrait of.

Then I can make the suitable photos myself and even produce a couple of sketches at the meeting.


Please contact me for any quotes or questions.