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News in November


I will make paintings for your company!

-with your logo

-with your trademarks or surroundings


Painting of the month!


"Neustadt in a blaze of colours"


Acrylic: 60 x 80 cm.



I was very pleased, when Mr. Lehner asked me to make a painting for the Raiffeisenbank Neustadt/Bad Gögging to brighten up their walls.


He wanted me to make a collage of Neustadt, showing old and new elements of the town. Of course the logo of the Raiffeisenbank should also be included.


Whoever wants to see the painting "live", can visit the Raiffeisenbank in the Herzog-Ludwigstraße in Neustadt an der Donau.

The drawing course on the 16.7.2016 with the pupils from Neustadt primary school was a success!

13 children, at the age between 6-13 years old, had applied for the course to come and draw with me.


I would like to thank all the parents for the support. The children made a good effort to draw animals, both with 3B-6B pencils and colour pencils.


Art project & Exhibition

May-June 2016

Primary school Neustadt a. d. Donau


Art project with the pupils from the classes 1E - 4E

The pupils should get an insight in the job of a scientific and natural history illustrator. To see the work of an artist, should encourage the children to discover their interests in painting and drawing.


The classes 1E and 2E were drawing animals. We used the preserved specimens available at the school.

For the classes 3E, I had collected stones, muscles and branches to draw. 4E learned a bit about perspectives, as they were told to draw the school building.


The project went well, the children asked a lot of questions and showed a great interest in the project.

They enjoyed trying the new drawing equipment and made a good effort producing some lovely pictures.


I would like to thank the staff at Neustadt primary school and all the  E-class teachers for their help and support to make this project possible.



Exhibition with pupils


Some drawings will be exhibited in

Kunstforum Neustadt

from 10.07. - 24.07.2016.


Opening Sunday 10.07.2016 at 4 pm.



All the other drawings will be exhibited in the beginning of July in the in Neustadt's primary school Hall.